Hi, we're Nutshell.

We're a strategic design and innovation partner who works with your teams to prototype the new ideas and the new ways of working that move your vision into reality.


You need a team who can build the plane while it's flying.

Actually that sounds crazy, but the point is that there's no such thing as being 'ready' to innovate. You just have to get started and keep going. But ultimately, any innovation is only as good as the ability to pilot it forward, keeping it steady in ever-changing conditions.


That's why we believe hand-off starts on Day One.


Nutshell is part design strategist and part design coach.

We partner with you to explore new spaces and bring your vision into focus through co-creation and rapid prototyping.  At the same time, we show your team how to apply strategic and lean design methods to their everyday work so that they're equipped with the skillsets and mindsets that will help innovation thrive in your organization.


Our work spans three areas:


We scan your horizon and frame explorations through a customer-focused lens, then prototype the ideas that move you in the right direction.


We help you understand who your customers are, how their needs and behaviors are changing, and the new opportunities that creates.


We work alongside your teams to test and practice new ways of working, and to enable them to own and develop the new offers we create together.


We work with organizations who understand that strategic design is good for business.


our work

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Creating a culture of learning

Building to learn is a commitment to building a relationship with your ideal customer.

Diverse teams with a consistent mission

Scaling with intention starts with developing a cultural operating system.


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