We Believe

Innovation doesn't happen in a workshop.

Or a lab, or a (sorrynotsorry) design sprint. Before the whiteboard ink is barely dry, most teams walk straight back into business as usual, leaving behind methods and tools that have the power to transform the way they work.

Innovation actually happens when teams keep learning and trying new things long after the last brittle Post-it floats to the ground. It happens in the day-to-day interactions and decisions that keep evolving an idea as it becomes a part of the core business.

It’s not the outcome of a process, it’s the outcome of behavior change.


That’s why we’re doing things differently.


Nutshell is part design strategist, and part design coach.

As strategists, we partner with you to frame your challenges, lead insight discovery through design research and co-creation, define opportunity spaces, and ultimately align your teams to a shared vision.

As coaches, we show teams how strategic design tools fit into their everyday work, equipping them with the skillsets and mindsets to help innovation thrive in your organization.


Through collaboration and co-creation, we face the big questions that are keeping you up at night:

How can we solve the right problem?

Finding problems is rarely an issue, but framing them with a clearly-articulated hypothesis can be. We help teams align around a shared belief in their 'why' and a shared vision of success so they can solve problems with purpose.


How can we bring ideas to life more quickly?

There's no one-size-fits-all process that can be followed to deliver innovation. Drawing on a broad spectrum of strategic design methods, we help teams assemble the right toolkit for each job.

How can we respond to rapidly-changing behaviors?

The only thing that can keep pace with change is learning. We help teams develop a learning habit that integrates regular loops of sharing, feedback, and reflection into their everyday work.


How can we scale and evolve our creations?

It's not officially an innovation until it's implemented in the organization.  We help teams design a roadmap for multi-speed impact, preparing for 'life after labs' starting on Day One.