Today, organizations who’ve made design the driver of their innovation strategy have a proven competitive advantage. They’re more creative, collaborative, and bring ideas to market faster.

Yet many efforts to introduce design thinking have died on the vine for a lack of meaningful engagement beyond one-off workshops and offsites.

So how can you help your organization become design-led without wasting time or money?

You need an actionable strategy for integrating strategic design practices, principles, and tools into your team’s day-to-day problem solving and decision-making.

Let us show you how.


How it works

Over four immersive weeks, we’ll deliver the insights and actions that will give you a clear picture of what design leadership looks like for you and a confident aim for getting there.


Scan the landscape

After interviews, observation, and workshops with your team members, we score your organization’s strategic design mindsets and skillsets based on eight key qualities.

Learn more about the strategic design qualities here >


Establish the frame

Then, we benchmark your current capabilities using our strategic design development matrix in order to recommend action steps through a learning plan with customized methods and resources.

Learn more about our strategic development matrix here >


Zoom in for perspective

We bring your strategic design capabilities into focus through three lenses: Innovation, Brand, and Culture.

Seen through each lens, we take a ‘snapshot’ of how your teams ideate, communicate, and collaborate, helping to break down your score into more tangible insights and opportunities.


Set the focus 

We move from assessment to action with a view of the range of potential spaces for focusing efforts to build or strengthen your strategic design capacity.

Together, we discuss possible outcomes and impact in order to prioritize and recommend a good starting point.


What you get


A readout of challenges and opportunities, alongside a map of potential initiatives with our recommendations for prioritized focus.


An audit of your organization’s strategic design readiness to carry those initiatives using our matrix for benchmarking capabilities


What happens after?


We understand that you’ll need to get a few things organized before launching new initiatives, but we also want to emphasize that you should get started before you’re “ready.”

Our action items can easily plug into your current goals and innovation initiatives. We encourage you to apply recommendations to what you’re already working on, giving your team a test-drive where they can get a feel for things and even begin to realize some results.

Meanwhile, we can continue to guide your path forward in a few ways:


If you’re planning to launch a new innovation initiative, work with us to make sure that your project brief reflects and aligns with your strategic design capability-building goals. 

Learn about our Brief Blueprint workshop here:

Once you’ve created your brief and are ready to assemble the team to launch the project, we can facilitate your project kickoff to make sure your team aligns their mission and vision for success.

Learn about our Alignment Activation workshop here:

If you’re looking for more hands-on support in translating vision to reality, we can partner with you to work alongside your teams as they test and practice new ways of working, and to enable them to own and develop the new offers we create together.

Learn about our Lead by Design program here:


See your path to design leadership in a new light with the f/Stop Sprint.

We currently have limited availability for September 2018. 

Use the calendar link below to book a free 30 minute consultation to talk about your organization’s needs and how we might help.




Why and when should organizations engage in this program?

Recognizing the value of strategic design is now conventional business wisdom, but organizations have struggled to integrate these practices and principles beyond the front end of the innovation process. We want to help strengthen the skillsets and develop the mindsets that will truly embed strategic design capacity at all levels of an organization.

Whether through starting a new innovation initiative or plugging into existing efforts, this program is designed to illuminate the opportunities and actions that create a roadmap to design leadership.



What are the core benefits?

First, the program creates a shared understanding of the levers that can affect positive change in how your organization ideates, communicates, and collaborates.

Second, it offers immediately applicable action items that can fit into your existing innovation efforts without too much setup to start practicing and even seeing results.

Third, it delivers a roadmap and field guide to your unique path to design leadership, and offers the potential for hands-on partnership to lead the journey forward.



What does an organization get out of this process?

This program delivers a benchmarked view and insights into your organization’s current strategic design capabilities, a robust set of actions to support learning and practical application of strategic design skills, and a range of focused recommendations for building strategic design capacity within new or existing innovation initiatives.



Who needs to be involved and how much time will it take? (And how much will it cost?)

We’ve tailored the program to fit within (approximately) three weeks of immersion culminating in a presentation and hands-on full-day workshop session with leaders in the fourth week.

When we plot out our engagement, we look for opportunities to slot in observation of a few meetings that demonstrate key aspects of how you work: brainstorming sessions, project planning and scoping, or strategy presentations, for example. We also schedule one-on-one interviews with up to five designated individuals- typically leaders and key stakeholders. We also plan one or two group workshops with selected members of relevant functional teams, like IT or Marketing.

Scoping each engagement will be unique to your needs, but our fees for the f/Stop Sprint start at €15,000 excl. VAT.  



What happens after the program?

Nutshell uses the f/Stop sprint as the first step in our embedded engagements to help quickly but immersively understand the innovation, brand, and cultural challenges inherent to every new initiative from a holistic perspective.

However, the sprint is designed to be helpful to leadership teams as a standalone exercise. Whether or not organizations choose to work with Nutshell as a partner to lead the resulting innovation initiatives, f/Stop is a great way to begin, guide, or track a journey towards building a design-led culture, one project at a time.

For those who want further guidance and direction as they organize teams and resources to launch initiatives based on the Sprint’s recommendations, we also offer two follow-up workshops. The first is to help create or reframe a project brief for the new initiative, and the second to facilitate the project kickoff.



How can we book a sprint?

The first step is to reach out and book a 30-minute call to discuss your current challenges to best understand how we can work together. Email us to start a conversation: or feel free to book your call directly through this link.


Are you ready?

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