Diverse teams with a consistent mission


Scaling with intention starts with developing a cultural operating system.


In two years, EHPC grew from operating a handful of independent boutique hotels to managing a large, diverse portfolio of products and services, and with it, a growing number of departments and teams operating globally.

To manage this complexity, EHPC had to aggressively transition from a startup to an enterprise mindset. Being part of a highly competitive design hotel landscape. EHPC had to develop its 2.0 strategy, values and operating system, placing a design-centric approach at its core.


  • Conducting comprehensive primary research, including interviews, workshops, and landscape and asset audits to identify gaps and intersections in the brand and organizational hierarchies.

  • Creating a complete ecosystem of products and services that presented a unified value proposition to the end customer.

  • Designing an internal summit dedicated to facilitating the rollout of  a brand-led, customer-centric approach across the entire organization.


  • Delivered a refocused brand architecture that opens new and creative opportunities to engage customers with the EHPC brand.

  • Created a roadmap for building an in-house design and brand management capability to oversee the creation, use, and evolution of all brand assets, and act as the primary stakeholder in external creative engagements.

Market and trends research | Proposition development | Market positioning | Brand strategy | Brand architecture


From a startup to an enterprise mindset


In order to move forward fast Solid had to bring together the best knowledge and expertise and to engage the broader scientific and patient communities.

Solid Biosciences
Cambridge, Boston 

Founded by the father of a young boy who was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), a progressive genetic muscle wasting disease with no approved treatments or cure, Solid Biosciences takes a unique approach to advancing their mission. Asking “What approaches can address the problems that DMD patients face” rather than “What problem can I address with my approach?” Solid wanted to ensure that this POV underpinned any initiative they launch moving forward.


  • Crafting unique, need-specific storylines that Solid’s diverse array of stakeholders could use while maintaining a vernacular of the company’s mission-driven narrative across all brand communications.

  • Creating clarifying educational assets and tools in plain language to help patients and their families better understand the journey and challenges of exploratory gene therapy for DMD.

  • Sharing personal stories as a means of starting conversations to spread awareness and information about DMD and the impact of gene therapy to the general community.


  • In less than 3 years Solid has grown from a startup to a mature biotech company, expanding from just three employees to 70+.

  • Established itself as a center of excellence for DMD by bringing together the best knowledge and expertise to address all aspects of the disease.

  • Over three investment rounds, Solid raised $100 million in startup capital, leading to a recent $130 million IPO.

  • Launched clinical trial for ground-breaking gene therapy which holds the  potential to slow or halt the progression of DMD.

Market positioning | Brand strategy | Brand architecture | Brand Identity | Design management


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