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We want to help you create change by design.


In our over fifteen years experience spanning brand, product, service, and innovation design, we’ve seen the same patterns take hold on both agency and client-side when trying to turn vision into reality:

  • Lengthy strategy engagements which deliver brilliant recommendations that never materialize beyond PowerPoint decks;

  • Briefs that prescribe solutions without a clear alignment to a problem or hypothesis;

  • Big, bold ideas that reach dead ends when it comes to doing the work of making them feasible;

  • Teams at a stand-still when critical decisions about their work are gated by functional boundaries or layers of hierarchy;

  • ‘Hostage situations’ with partners and vendors that fail to create decisive transitions from engagement to ownership.

If we've learned one thing along the way, it’s that the most successful projects have always been the ones that were adopted into a strong internal culture that had a clear vision and a shared sense of purpose to move them forward.


It's simple, but change really does come from within.

That's why we're committed to helping you shape bold new ideas, and collaborating with your teams to bring them to life. We're not consultants, we're co-creators.

Karin Folman

Karin Folman


A strategic brand consultant who has led initiatives for companies in need of a comprehensive brand vision and the design management rigor to implement it effectively.

Karin has over 15 years experience leading, managing and designing for corporate and consumer brand accounts in New York, Tel Aviv and now Amsterdam. She has created holistic brand strategies for retail, hospitality, tech, pharma, real estate, cosmetics and FMCG.


Qualitative research and ethnography, proposition development, market positioning, brand strategy, communications strategy, brand architecture, product innovation, team alignment, design management, behavior design, business design, user experience, agile development.


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