Sharing a company’s brand values through a content-rich web platform.

Ristretto Import & Marketing Ltd. is a leading Israeli food importer, for the professional and retail markets. 

Ristretto realizes that ingredients alone – however unique and delicious – are never enough. They want to bring the complete kitchen to their clients, a seamless culinary experience with the appropriate cooking techniques as well as the finest ingredients.

Nutshell helped Ristretto to shape a brand that matches the quality experience people expect from the company.

Brand Values

A set of guiding principles that serves as a filter for every decision the company makes.


Heart of the Market

We thrive in Israel’s culinary market, and are a strong influencer within the booming local food culture. Our competitive advantage is the way in which we create deep, long-term relationships with clients.    


Traditional Know-How

We explore food traditions, taking our team to manufacturers’ plants and providing them with hands-on masterclasses to help upgrade their use of equipment and understanding of ingredients.


Culinary Teleport

We brings the complete kitchen, a seamless culinary experience with the appropriate cooking techniques as well as the finest ingredients.


Best Ingredients

We promise to import unique and high-quality raw materials – and therefore, we are constantly updating our product portfolio and expanding the activities of the company.



The Family Touch

Our expert chefs and baristas undergo continuous training so they can provide clients with truly personalized service.

Food needs to be understood within its original context.

A scalable content-driven web platform ensures that Ristretto can maintain a digital presence that is in line with the company values and the evolving expectations of their customers. 


The website aims to support the company philosophy: High quality ingredients, professional knowledge and a personal touch.

Content verticals were created in order to share, alongside the complete product catalogue, professional knowledge and firsthand explorations of food traditions.

"The framework Nutshell provided us proves to be an highly effective tool for our organization. We now feel secure that our essence is seamlessly reflected across all our communication channels which constantly inspires us to create unique content to share with our costumers.".   

Gabriel Kaufman
CEO & Founder, Ristretto