Developing sustainable and scalable brand strategies to help organizations build and grow businesses



Research-led process to gather competitive intelligence, define your position in the market, focus your strategy, and create effective communications.



Research & Analysis

Find opportunities to grow your brand and face the challenges on your path to success.



Brand Strategy

Simplify and focus your positioning. Set up clear frameworks for your brand development.



Brand Development

Sharpen your identity with on brand communication tools, products and services.


Case Study: A brand platform for Solid Biosciences, a life science company focused on finding a cure for Duchenne muscular dystrophy.



Distill the essence of your business. When you know exactly who you are, you glide forward with confidence. Our streamlined process sharpens your identity early on, so no time is wasted patching gaps further down the line.

Be relevant, deliver substance. When every touchpoint sings the brand values, clients notice. Show you belong in their world and business sells itself. Because talk is cheap, we make sure promises and offerings square up.

Broadcast on the right frequency. You can’t impress everyone. With tightly-focused messaging, you’ll be heard by those who matter. We study the mind of your audience, find where to grab them, and what to say.


Case Study: Sharing a company’s brand values through a content rich web platform.


Integrating business with design,
every step of the way.


A strategic brand consultancy, specializing in brand strategy, creative direction, design management and implementation. Leading branding initiatives for companies in need for a comprehensive strategic thinking.

Karin Folman | Founder

Over 12 years experience leading, managing and designing for corporate and consumer brand accounts in New York, Tel Aviv and now Amsterdam. Creating brands for retail, hospitality, high-tech, pharma, real estate, cosmetics and FMCG.

A BFA in Graphic Design from New York’s School of Visual Arts led to branding agencies in New York and Tel Aviv. With a desire to learn the commercial aspects of design, I obtained a Master’s degree in Design Management at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.

Being a highly trained creative, and a strategic thinker allows me to lead complex branding initiatives, which integrates business with design, every step of the way.